August is here.

August is usually the hottest and driest month of the year and we look to be off to a quick start as heat indices are predicted to be above 105 every afternoon this weekend.  Heat like that can dry out an area quickly.  But, the good news is according to the latest long range drought forecast through October 31st, the Pineywoods will continue to adhere to the status quo.  In other words, at worst, we should be abnormally dry.  That may sound like a bad term, but on the scale of drought severity, that's the lowest level.

However, the further west you travel, the more moderate to severe the drought is forecasted to be.  Place like Crockett, Bryan, and Huntsville would be in the middle of that area.  Now, keep in mind this is a forecast that extends for the next 3 months.  Many times, climatologists have problems forecasting the weather for the next day, so some variances should be expected.

This link to the Texas Drought Monitor provides a great way to be interactive with the map and to zoom in on areas in East Texas.