Inside a Houston hospital room brightly adorned with pictures, flowers, and stuffed animals,  Denise Clifton continues to teach.  Usually her lessons are directed towards her classes at Central Junior High, but in this case, walls do not exist, and we are the students.   

Clifton is teaching by actions and examples, passing along profound lessons about life and love transcending anything that could ever be found in a lesson plan.

  • 'Neecy' teaches us about true beauty.  She has gone through multiple surgeries and procedures due to a stroke and the cancer that has now spread throughout her body, however, her beauty now radiates more than ever.  Even the standard issue hospital gown can not dim her brilliance and grace.
  • Mrs. Clifton teaches us to think of others first.  So many friends and family have made the trip to Houston to visit Denise. Most of those thought there would be an air of sadness or regret permeating the room, but she would have none of that.  Clifton, even as tired as she is, is full of smiles, stories, and the wit and sass that she is known for.  Those that have visited her intended to lift her spirits, however, Clifton manages to return the favor many times over.
  • Denise teaches us how to be a strong Christian.  Over the past few weeks, Clifton has been dealt a tough hand.  Many would be quick to anger or to have their faith tested.  Hers has only gotten stronger, to the point where a calm peace prevails.  She along with thousands of others continue to pray for a miracle, but only God knows what will happen.  The one thing we do know is that as long as you do His  will, all will work out as intended.
  • She has taught us about perseverance, not only in rising above her current struggles, but urging the district champion Central Bulldogs basketball team (one of her sons plays for the team) to persevere Monday night in their playoff game as evidenced by this message from her hospital bed.

The list of lessons that Mrs. Clifton continues to teach could go on and on, and these are the lessons in life that really count, thankfully, there will be no STAAR testing for these.

Please keep Denise and her family and her students and friends in your prayers.  Prayers are heard and prayers are powerful and prayers intended for others also have a way of bringing blessings into your daily life.

Clifton family