'Christmas in Dixie' is one of the most recognized holiday songs of all time, but did Alabama's Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, and Teddy Gentry really write the song which they released in 1982?

A songwriter in Australia named Allan Caswell is claiming that he originally wrote the melody in 1980 which was used as a theme for an Australian TV Soap Opera - 'The Prisoner'.  Caswell is not suing Alabama since they both wrote for Sony Publishing at the time, but he is going after Sony for the royalties that  he believes he's due. Sony even brought in a musicologist to take a listen to both songs and this expert says he believes there's more than coincidence at work here.

The progression of the story can get a little complex but it is explained well in an article by 'Billboard.biz'.

Take a listen to both of the songs below and let us know what you think.