A couple of weeks ago while broadcasting at the Farmer's Market, I admitted that I had never heard of a yellow meat watermelon.  Since that time, I have learned two things -

  • Yellow meat watermelons are sweet, juicy, and ultra-delicious
  • I was raised under a rock

I'm not one to let widespread embarrassment stop me from making the same mistake twice, so let me share another discovery I made.  And yes, I'm guessing everybody else already knows about this.

Recently, I was on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website trying to find hunting dates for white-tail deer.  On the list of different animals with corresponding hunting seasons I noticed an animal I'd never heard of.


The chachalaca.

Chachalaca?  The first thing that shot through my mind was "...is this a relative of the chupacabra?"


Upon closer research, this is a bird.  A bird native to South Texas and Latin America.  The chachalaca gets its name from resembling a Star Wars character ('like a Chewbacca') - don't ask for my sources on that.

Hunting season for this bird is only open to four counties in the extreme southern tip of Texas, and after listening to the sound this bird makes (video below), I can understand why folks want to silence it. The chachalaca certainly doesn't look like it would taste too great.

Who knows?  Maybe it tastes like chicken, or better yet, yellow meat watermelon.

So, there you go.  I learned something new today.  Maybe you did, too.  Then again, the chachalaca may be common knowlege to you, remember, I've been living under a rock.