It's prom season in East Texas. It's time for 'Promposals' and picking out dresses.  Figuring out a creative way to pop the Promposal question can be rather stressful, but it's nothing compared to the anxiety that can surround buying that perfect prom dress.  

Many moms and daughters go through the process of going back and forth on the style, color, material, and overall WOW factor of the dress.  Plus, there's always that concern that you may pick a dress that someone else might be wearing to your prom...awkward.

OH!  There's another major point to consider...does your selection pass the dress code of your school?  Dress codes can vary greatly from school district to school district.  A dress with a slit above mid-thigh, exposed midriff, plunging necklines, open back, and/or sheer material may lead to the situation of someone being turned away at the prom door.  Not only would that be embarrassing, but that would be quite of bit of money being spent on a dress that didn't get used.

I decided to go to downtown Lufkin and pay a visit to Rubie & Jane, one of the most popular places in East Texas to get prom dresses.  There, I met with Caitlyn Kirkland and she agreed to have local girls model dresses that varied from what some may consider conservative to a little more daring.


Take a look at the different dresses.  There are eleven of them.  Some of these dresses would not make the cut for the dress code at various schools in East Texas.  But, we don't want you to consider a school's dress code, we want you to use your own judgment and opinion and let us know which dresses you think are appropriate (or not) for a high school prom.  We want to make sure you get in depth looks at each of the dresses which is why we have them modeled on video and shown in the actual poll.  Your welcome to comment below.  We'll also link the story to our Facebook Page and you may comment there, as well.

A special thanks to our models, Gabby Kenner, Leah Akridge, and Chelsea Evans.  Also, thanks to the folks at Rubie and Jane, with over 600 dresses in stock and the ability to special order, they can find something perfect for you.