They will rise from the ashes.

An East Texas landmark for nearly 100 years went up in flames a couple of weeks ago.  But the spot that has been the place to gather for great food, conversation, and just a place to offer solutions to the world's problems will be rebuilt. 

I had the chance to talk with Jan Boyer a few days ago about the history of the store, the fire, and the prospects and challenges that lie ahead.  You can listen to that conversation by clicking on the play button below.  Boyer paints a great picture of the community of Douglass and how the current owners could have just packed in and cut their losses and leave town.  But, they have put the wants and needs of a community above their own.

There will be a huge gathering and dinner this evening (6/21) beginning at 5.  There will be plenty of fried catfish, chicken nuggets, vegetables and more.  This dinner is meant as a thank you for all those that helped to fight the fire and to those that have supported the store throughout the years.  The meal is free.  Donations are welcome, but certainly not mandatory.  Be sure to bring your lawn chairs!

It will take some time, but I can't wait to set foot in the newly built Douglass Corner Store and Cafe.