On Thursday, May 26th, up to a foot of rain fell widespread over the Brazos Valley and around the Conroe area.  The runoff from the deluge fed into the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers. 

Major highways, including Highway 59/Interstate 69, had to be shut down for at least 2 days.  Nearly 2 feet of rain fell in Washington County, around Brenham, and this has led to several towns along the Brazos River to be partially or fully evacuated.

Thankfully, we have enjoyed several back to back days of dry weather, however, heavy rain for central and eastern Texas is in the forecast for the later part of this week.

I have compiled some YouTube videos in this post.  Two of those videos feature drone footage of the floodwaters in and around the Humble and Kingwood areas, the other video takes a look at the massive release of water from Lake Livingston Dam.