Let's say you had to leave work early on Friday, and when you got back on Monday morning, one of the walls of your office was covered in a giant, spray-painted duck. What would you do?

We've been watching Blake Shelton and Adam Levine mess with each other on and off The Voice stage, and I guess it's rubbing off on the folks around the radio station, because things are getting weird here. Ducks are appearing all over the place.

I found myself in a very ducky situation earlier this week. I had to take off early on Friday to go help out our sister station in Temple, TX with a festival, and when I got back here on Monday morning, I was greeted by a six-foot-long rubber duck spray-painted on my office wall.

Martin Grossinger

So what did I do? Stole the keys to the perpetrator's car, moved it onto the front lawn here at Kicks 105, and wrapped it in plastic cling wrap. Imagine the surprise when someone went outside to get something from her car and found it missing! Imagine their further surprise when it was spotted on the front lawn! And then, top it all off with the Saran wrapped doors!

Martin Grossinger

I'm pretty proud of myself, but also a little worried about the prank boulder we've started rolling downhill. This is getting intense. We'll keep you posted on where we go from here, but if you keep an eye out around the Townsquare Media building in Lufkin, you might see whatever happens next for yourself.