Angelina Beautiful/Clean and Brookshire Brothers are working together to promote environmental awareness to the students of Angelina County. AB/C distributed over 1,500 brown Brookshire Brothers grocery bags to 2nd grade campuses throughout the county.

Ms. Carrell’s 2nd grade classes at Herty Primary thoroughly enjoyed the project. After the students decorated the grocery sacks with an Earth friendly message the sacks were delivered to area Brookshire Brothers stores for regular use to celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd. “The Earth Day Grocery Sack Project empowers youth to consider their role in solving the complex environmental concerns that face our planet. It reinforces the concept of environmental stewardship and encourages that each student can do his or her part to help improve tomorrow’s environment today. This project generates lively discussion about what items can be recycled and how things we use every day can be reused,” said Angelina Beautiful/Clean Executive Director, Amanda Anderson. The average American uses more than 750 pounds of paper each year. The 2nd graders of Angelina County were able to address the three R’s with this project. “Reduce” the amount of unnecessary waste, “Reuse” items when possible and always “Recycle”.