National Teacher Appreciation week kicked off on Sunday, but today is the official National Teacher Day all across the country! Thank you for all of your wonderful submissions - We'd like to take the time to say THANK YOU to teachers all over east Texas!

Here are some of the message from our listeners:

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  • Mr. Cross - Retired Principal from Brookhollow Elementary School

    Mr Cross was an awesome Principal. I know that this is about teachers but technically he was a teacher at one point and continued to teach well up to his retirement as a Principal. He was very fair and patient with everyone. He made a lasting impression on me that I will hold close to my heart all my life!

  • Adam Graham - Onalaska High School

    Graham is our FFA teacher and does a great job! He supports us in everything we do and goes above and beyond to help us succeed. THANKS GRAHAM!

  • Linda Morris - Retired from Brookhollow Elementary

    Mrs. Morris was always so patient and always made you feel so special. Although I had many special teachers, she will always be my favorite!!!!

  • Kim Herman - Wells High School

    She's the best because she's our mom. She has done so much for the FCCLA program at Wells and the kids really like her!

  • Sandra Lambert - Hemphill Elementary

    Thank you for all you have done for Maisie this year and thank you for being a great teacher!

  • Mrs. Luce - Grapeland Elementary

    Mrs. Luce is a teacher who takes pride in her students. She helps them any way she can. She is a good teacher and friend to her students and i appreciate all that she does for them!

  • Mrs. Connor - Grapeland Elementary

    This teacher goes to the extreme to help all her students and she is one of the best teachers. She is friendly, and I really appreciate her as a teacher who takes great pride in her students!

  • Dorinda Wade - Dunbar Primary

    Dorinda is the principal at Dunbar, and as a former teacher she has a tremendous passion for her students and her staff. Her very nature is one of kindness and her willingness to help others is second to none. During the 2008 hurricanes, her school was turned into a shelter. She stayed at the school with the refugees, helping however she could. As the power went out and the storm continued, she never left to go home. She slept in a cafeteria full of people, rather than in her own bed. That kind of commitment to people is something she shows on a daily basis with her teachers and staff. She uses her own car to take students home if they missed the bus or were not picked up. She goes above and beyond her duties as an educator and works to improve not only the lives of her students, but the lives of the families they come from. She is a remarkable woman, and a shining examp le of what a teacher, a principal and a person should be.

  • Brittney Johnson - Huntington Elementary

    She never has a bad attitude, and is always willing to go out of her way for anyone. She has taught music here for years, and i couldn't see anyone else doing a better job than her. It takes a special person to be a teacher and to actually enjoy it, and you can tell she is one of those people. She is greatly appreciated more than she knows.

  • Susan Dabney - Livingston Intermediate

    She is nice and let's us eat in class. She helps her students when they need it.

  • Sarah Bird - Groveton Elementary

    She is a wonderful friend and very great TEACHER I worked with her she is very good with the kids and my granddaughter thinks the same way we love you Mrs.Bird.

  • Janie Vandergriff - Bonner Elementary

    My teacher is so sweet. She is so positive in the classroom with helping us prepare for the STARR test. And she can really sing!

  • Sylvia Wearhers - Central High School

    She is more than just a teacher. She becomes friends with her students and treats them like a friend who needs teaching. She personalizes her lessons to address the real needs of her students. Every student loves her and the ones who don't have her as a teacher want awesome person all around.

  • Lisa Heath - Diboll Jr. High

    Mrs. Heath is a dedicated and hard working teacher who loves her job and her students. She decided when she was in 4th grade that she would someday be a teacher. I know this because I am her Mother. Love my Lisa!

  • Luci Chambers - Livingston Junior High

    This teacher is my favorite because of how sweet and caring she is!!!!!

  • Roxie Mueller - Groveton Elementary

    First of all, she has been a great teacher my whole life b/c she is my mom. Second, she is a great 5th grade teacher, children adore her and learn so much from her.

  • Natalie Cardenas - SFA Charter School

    Natalie is the nicest and most caring teacher!

  • William Weeks - Huntington Elementary

    Happy teachers day to my wonderful husband. You inspire so many wonderful kids each day to grow up & be wonderful adults.

  • Michelle Harris - Livingston Texas Isd

    This teacher goes beyond on duty as a teacher to help provide and guide her students. Hopefully she will be listening to KICKS 105 so she knows just how great we think she is and how much we appreciate all that she does - and other can follow her in her steps to help make a better life for our children and there future. Thank you Mrs. Harris!!

  • Calvin Carter - West Sabine High School

    Coach Carter is a very hard working art teacher. His students compete in art shows and some have won! He puts everything into teaching the kids how to draw/paint and they are really good! Thank you for all you do for your students!

  • Mrs. Hawkins - Groveton

    Thank you Ms.Hawkins for being a wonderful teacher and great friend to your students!

  • Angela Waiser - Onalaska High School

    She's an AMAZING Ag Teacher, and friend. She has a great personality with a sparkling smile :). We love you Wang Wang & we're going to miss you!

  • Mrs. Amanda Price - Onalaska Elementary

    She is nice to us in class. Thanks Mrs. Price!

  • Ericka Craine - James Street Elementary Coldspring

    She is sweet, she's got good centers.

  • Susan Cotton - James Street Elementary Coldspring

    She takes time to make sure we are able to fully understand what shes teaching.

  • Leah Longino - Livingston ISD

    She is the BEST teacher ever! She is a very inspiring and inspiration on others I love you Ms.Longino!

  • Pamela Beard - Livingston Jr. High

    Mrs. Beard is the most caring teacher at our school! I am not even her student but she taught me to play the guitar afterschool. She encouraged me to do something I had never done before and I won first place. All her students LOVE her!! Thank you Mrs. Beard!!

  • Staci Carr - Livingston Junior High

    Thank You Mrs. Carr for being the Special Teacher that you are, We Love You. Livingston Junior High

  • Margie Nelson - Pine Ridge Elementary

    We Love You Mrs. Nelson, you are the Best!

  • Caylee Evans - Pine Ridge Elementary

    1st grade loves you Mrs. Evans, you are very special and we do appreciate you - from All Your Loving Kiddos

  • Debra Brewer - Douglass ISD

    Mrs. Brewer is the greatest teacher because: SHE'S AWESOME! Note to Mr. Merrell: She's awesomer than you!!! P.S. Just kidding you guys are equally awesome!

  • Laurie Scott - Timber Creek Elementary (Livingston)

    Thank Mrs. Scott for being a great teacher this year. I have learned a lot from you. You are a great teacher. Thank you!!!

  • Deena Galloway - Timber Creek Elementary (Livingston)

    Mrs. Galloway is a great teacher. She has taught me a lot this year. I have enjoyed being in her class this year. Thank you Mrs. Galloway!!!

  • Melissa Grigsby - Timber Creek Elementary (Livingston)

    Thank you Mrs. Grigsby. Your are a great teacher and I enjoy being in your switch class. I have learned a lot this year.

  • Adrianne Murphy - Timber Creek Elementary (Livingston)

    Mrs. Murphy is a great teacher. She is always nice. She has taught me a lot this year. Thank you Mrs. Murphy!!!