A few days ago, I learned through a friend of mine that an East Texas woman who is on Hospice care had a last request.  This request is all about helping others - in this case - helping our four-legged friends.  My friend wrote the following:

We’ve all seen abandoned dogs and cats—dumped on dirt roads, quickly tossed from cars in parking lots or simply left behind when a homeowner moves.  These are heartbreaking scenes that are all too common in East Texas.  The story I’m about to share isn’t different except it involves an elderly woman and her last request.

Recently, a mama dog with very young puppies were left to fend for themselves on a Farm to Market road.  Originally, there were 8 puppies, but two didn’t survive.  A couple of people who live nearby would stop and feed the helpless dogs.  However, one day I noticed that the puppies and mama dog ended up at an elderly woman’s house.  While I don’t personally know this woman, I drive by her house every morning on my way to work.

One evening I stopped to offer help.  The woman, who is on a fixed income, is an animal lover and was truly doing all she could to take care of the animals.  Routinely, I stopped to take her food for the dogs.  She said watching the dogs play brightened her day and took her mind off her health.  During my brief visit with her I learned that she is dying and is on Hospice care.  Her last request is to find homes for the animals that she has come to love and care about.

I have placed the mama dog in a good home.  Now, there are 6 puppies who need forever homes. The puppies are a German Shepherd Mix and are about 3 months old.  Some are shy and some are outgoing.   I am hopeful that East Texans can grant this elderly woman her last request and open their homes to these puppies. Time is of the essence.  If you would like to help, please contact me as soon as possible at 936-635-9705.


I would like to thank my friend for not only writing such a wonderful narrative but also for taking the steps to make the lady's wishes come true.  With that being said, we ask that only those that truly can offer a good forever home for these puppies step forward and make the call.  A touching story such as this will lead to many wanting to help, but there will be some of those that may not have the means nor time to provide a good home.

Thank you and God bless.