The U.S. Flu Season of 2012-2013 has now reached epidemic status.  While this may sound like words of doom, taken in context, the bottom line is that you just stay more vigilant at making sure you and your loved ones are taking the proper steps to give you the best chance at avoiding the flu.  First and foremost - get the flu vaccine.  This year's version is a good match for the current main virus going around.  Even though a flu shot doesn't guarantee you won't catch the flu, it is one of the best preventatives out there.  Plus, in most cases, if you catch the flu after having the shot, the symptoms won't be as severe.

There is an abundant supply of the flu vaccine nationwide and right here in Lufkin and Nacogdoches.  Most any of your health care providers will have them, as well as Abeldt's Pharmacy, Urgent Doc, and Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy just to name a few.  Most shots range in cost from a few dollars to $50.  Medicare, in most cases, will also cover these shots.

What else should you know about preventing the virus from you and your household?  How widespread has the flu been in East Texas?  I had a chance to interview Jeremy Belschner, family nurse practitioner in the emergency room at Memorial Health System of East Texas in Lufkin, to find out what he had to say about the impact of the flu on the area.

Check out the interview below.