During this back to school tax free weekend, so many parents make purchases to make sure their kids have a good number of things they need for the upcoming school year...school supplies, clothing, etc...

However, there's something very important that you need to give your kids, and today it's free. 

We're talking about the gift of good eyesight.  If your child is having difficulty reading a book or seeing a blackboard, that can lead to numerous issues.  Today (8/10), until 3 this afternoon, Dr. Richard Ruckman and the Center for Sight in Lufkin are offering FREE EYE SCREENINGS for kids ages kindergarten through high school seniors.

This is a great way to get reassurance that your child's sight is fine or find out that there may some issues, in which case you can start taking the proper steps to find the correct remedy.

The Center for Sight is located on the West Loop in Lufkin, just across from the Post Office.  Details are also available by calling 936-634-8434 or by going to their website.

center for sight