I love animated films...Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks...doesn't matter, I'll be at the theater with a buttery tub of popcorn under my arm...with or without my kids.  So, I have been looking so forward to this day...the release date of the new Disney film, 'Frozen'In an extremely brief synopsis, it's the story of a queen (Elsa) who exiles herself from her kingdom because she is suspected of sorcery due to her ability to freeze pretty much anything she touches.  Her sister takes it upon herself to track her down in order to bring back Summer.  Along the way, a variety of lovable characters join in the hunt.

Now, the official release date is November 27th, however, many theaters including Carmike in Lukfin are having special November 26th evening showings.  How would you like to win a family pack of tickets to see 'Frozen'?

Well...I can help arrange that...if you can help me.  You see, we need movie reviewers, and they need to be kids.  Do you have a child who would have a fun time writing a paragraph that gives his or her opinion about the movie?  Then, in the comment section below place the first name of that kid(s) and their age.  Coming up Wednesday morning at 7:30 we'll draw for our winners.  Each winner gets a four pack of tickets to the movie, with the understanding that we'll need to get a movie review by the middle of next week.

Good luck!