Has it already been a year?  Yup, ready or not, it's graduation time.

Now, you can shout out your graduate's name as he or she walks across the stage (which is usually frowned upon), or you can congratulate your graduate on the Merrell in the Morning Show. 

Just call the KICKS 105 Sound Off Hotline at 936-344-1115 and record your shout out.  The phone line is open 24/7 and we'll feature those shout outs during the Merrell in the Morning Show.

What should you say in your shout out?  It's pretty wide open, but here's an example:

"John Doe who is graduating from Nacogdoches High School.  He'll be going to SFA.  Congratulations from Pookie, Mom and Dad, and Brad PItt."

You get the idea.  Keep it clean, but the funnier the better.