Throughout the month of November, a lot of folks will be winning cash!!

Many will win $1,000, while a few will score $10,000.

At KICKS 105, in addition to playing the best music and having loads of fun, we also like to think of ourselves as good stewards for our listeners.  So, if you win 10 grand, we want to make sure that you spend the money wisely, and don't blow it on trivial items.    

That is why with the help of the Sad and Useless website, I have compiled a list of things to avoid with your $10,000.


Granted, for those that spend a lot of time outdoors, the dreaded ankle tan line is often a source of ridicule.  But, save some money and buy some flesh colored paint instead.




You know, actually, this is not such a dumb invention, unless you have a cat, then it will be attacking you every step of the way.  Still, do not make this purchase, just turn on the light switch.  It may annoy sleeping people, but who're rich.




I understand the idea behind this invention, but in this day and age when we've heard far too much about a golfer caught with his pants down, this is only begging for trouble.  Spend your money on a round of golf and just go to the woods to use the bathroom.




This is a terrible invention!!  This promotes an endless cycle, much like the directions on a bottle of shampoo.  If you use this product, you'll get the taste of bacon, but that's it! So, what happens next? You go cook up a slab of it and eat it, once again prompting the need to floss, and here we go again.  If you buy this product, you'll need to win more money to pay for the cardiologist.




I'm at a loss on this one.  I've thought long and hard about why someone would even come up with this, much less why you should blow part of your winnings on this.  I strongly advise that you don't waste your are the dad of a teenage daughter.  When your girl brings over that guy that reminds you of you, simply stick out your hand, covered with a somewhat soiled handerpants glove and your job is done.


These are just a few of the products on display at the Sad and Useless on the link below to see more.

And keep listening for your chance to win up to 10K every weekday in November.  Just listen for the cue to call and then be 25th caller at 1-877-854-9467 to get the cash!!