I do not want another drought.

With that being said, one of the few silver linings from last year's record heat and scarce rainfall was a very slow season for pests like love bugs and mosquitoes.

But this year, the nasty blood suckers have come back with a vengeance. 

When I walk out into my yard, a black, buzzing cloud is immediately surrounding me.  My only choices are to constantly smell of eau de Off or be covered in welts.

Yes, I do believe we all better start getting used to a Spring and Summer filled with these pestilent insects.

However, perhaps the video below will make you feel a little better.

Scientists have developed a laser which is calibrated to recognized the build, make-up, and wing frequency of female mosquitoes (remember, it's the girls that do the biting).  Hopefully, in the very near future, this laser can be set up in places prone to malaria and help zap mosquitoes dead.

Check out the laser in action...there is no audio, but do yourself a favor and watch this video in large screen mode.

I find the mosquito parts blasting off its body and the ensuing smoke trail very satisfying.

What about  you?