Tuesday afternoon, Jennifer Isabel Mireles, 21, of Lufkin surrendered to authorities for the hit and run accident which occurred on Christmas night near the intersection of Chestnut and Willow Bend Drive in Lufkin.   

Mireles is charged with the offense of accident involving death, a second degree felony. According to Lufkin Police,  Ms. Mireles drove a vehicle into a bicycle ridden by Alexander Jensen, 22. He died at the scene of the crash and Ms. Mireles fled the area.
Debris collected by Lufkin PD officers at the crash scene identified the suspect vehicle as a 2001 to 2003 year model Mazda Protégé. December 26th , following the public release of information concerning the crash and the type vehicle the officers believed was involved, Lufkin Attorney Lisa Flournoy contacted Lufkin Police Department and stated that she had been contacted by the driver of the suspect vehicle. Mrs. Flournoy arranged for the driver, Jennifer Mireles, to be interviewed by Lufkin PD officers.

During the interview, Ms. Mireles confessed to being the driver of the 2002 Mazda Protégé that struck Alexander Jensen; she stated that she took her attention away from the roadway to look for her wallet and looked back to the roadway as she struck Mr. Alexander’s bicycle. Ms. Mireles stated that she was scared and fled the area, driving to her home on Lee Avenue in Lufkin.
Following Ms. Mireles’ confession, Lufkin PD officers continued their investigation and verified Ms. Mireles’ account of the incident. Finding probable cause to believe that Jennifer Isabel Mireles was the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash that resulted in Alexander Jensen’s death, Corporal Brad Davis sought, and a judge issued, a warrant for Ms. Mireles’ arrest.
At approximately 1:45 PM Tuesday, Jennifer Isabel Mireles surrendered to Corporal Davis at the Angelina County Jail.