I've heard it said that when it comes to raising kids, sons are a lot less expensive than daughters.  I think the brunt of that message is about to hit me square in the jaw.

My oldest is a 15 year old girl...and it's homecoming season.  When I was going to high school (eons ago), I never really had a girlfriend, at least not during homecoming, so buying mums, or gifts, or going to the homecoming dance was not an issue...but now, well, let's just say I need some help and direction. 

The biggest question I have is how much has homecoming changed in the past 30 years?

Mums seem to be just like Texas girl's hair of the 1980's...bigger is better.   Is this correct?  And how much is this gonna cost?

What about the homecoming dance...is a brand new dress expected?  What's this gonna set me back?

The dance and the game were the only concerns of homecoming when I was a teenager, are there more things to consider for homecoming these days?

What all am I missing and do you have any suggestions of places to go to get discounted prices on homecoming accessories?

I want my daughter to feel special for homecoming, but I'd rather not mortgage the house.