Kevin Fowler fans! Your man is coming to Banita Creek Hall this weekend -- and we can get you a one-on-one with Kevin himself! Just show us how country ya are!

How country are ya? Show us in a photo! Submit it below, and we'll take a look. We have chances to win tickets with meet & greet passes to meet Kevin before the show in Nacogdoches this weekend, so let's see what ya got! We'll also get you a copy of Kevin's new album "How Country Are Ya?" before it hits stores March 4th!

But wait! That's not all! There's more!

We've also got a big Kevin Fowler "Bubba Bundle" Prize Pack to give to one lucky winner! If you send us a photo showing us how country you are, you're automatically entered to win:

  • 1 Kevin Fowler T-Shirt
  • 3 Kevin Fowler Can Koozies
  • 1 Kevin Fowler Flag
  • 1 copy of Kevin Fowler's Greatest Hits CD
  • 1 copy of Kevin Fowler's new CD "How Country Are Ya?"
  • 1 EXCLUSIVE Kevin Fowler Beer Belt Buckle (it's a belt buckle that holds your beer!)

This prize pack is valued at $100, and is totally awesome.

So get at it! How country are ya?!