A recent survey carried out by Business Insider and SurveyMonkey Audience polled folks across the country to see which state is the nicest, rudest, drunkest, prettiest (both scenery and residents), and smartest, among others. Let's take a look at how Texas and New York stack up.

First off, full disclosure, in case you missed it the first time around, I'm not from around here. I'm from New York. In order to be consistent with some of the results shown here and later on, I have to get that out right up front.

Second, the darker the state's color, the more people voted for it for each question. You're going to notice some trends in the results.

See? Everybody needs to know that I'm from New York and that I'm real proud of it.

Pizza is delicious, but so is barbeque. Whatever veggie-tofu crunchy-nut-granola stuff they're eating in California is a joke.

I think the folks surveyed here really missed the boat on Texas' beautiful scenery - I was driving around this past weekend a little bit north of Nacogdoches and was blown away by the rolling hills and fields I was passing through. And you can't argue with the Hill Country. They're totally right about Jersey though. It's not called the Armpit of America for nothin'.

I try not to be rude, but I think my definition of 'rude' might be slightly different from yours: if I'm not physically shoving you out of the way to get on the subway before the doors close or yelling at you to get out of the parking spot that I was clearly in first you $@#%, I'm not being rude.

I'm told that once football season starts up, I will be blown away by the emotion invested in the high school teams by their communities. I believe it. That said, when the Yankees inevitably roll over and die in September, even though I know it's coming, I won't be fun to be around at work.

Well then. Maybe seceding isn't that bad an idea after all.

There are a ton more over at Business Insider. I'm sure you have other thoughts to share on this list. If you don't share them below, I know you're lying.