How many lies have you told today?  This week?  I'm not talking big Earth-shattering lies, just little ones.  Did you tell someone that you really liked a Christmas gift when you were already checking the tags to see where you would try to exchange it?  Maybe you told the kids that Santa Claus ate all the cookies, when, in fact you ate a few that were left over.

According to a recent study funded by British Vodka maker WKD, the average man tells over 109,000 lies in a lifetime while the average woman fibs over 65,000 times.  That boils down to about 5 times a day for a guy and 3 times each day for a gal.

The vast majority of lies are of the innocent, non-hurtful type.  The most popular lies include "This tastes delicious,"  "Our server was down," "I'm stuck in traffic," "Sorry, I missed your call," and, of course, "I love you."

Can you think of some more popular ones?