San Francisco 1st baseman Brandon Belt, who played his high school ball at Hudson, was one of the hottest hitters in all the Majors during Spring Training in March.  However, the first 3 weeks of the regular season have not gone so well for Belt. 

His batting average has yet to make it above .200 and it seems that even the hard hit balls are being hit right at fielders.  About a week ago, Belt came through with a potential game-winning double on the road in Chicago, only to have Sergio Romo blow his only save of the year in the bottom of the inning.

But, here's the bottom line...Brandon Belt is a great and natural hitter.  He has shown, at times, that he is all-star material and can be a dominating force in the line-up.  And he has a great work ethic.  It's an overused cliche, but failure is not an option for Belt...he will work it through.

Case in point, last night.

Belt didn't start the game last night against Arizona, but he did go through an extensive batting tutorial earlier in the day, and it paid off.  He came into a tied game in the bottom of the 8th and then in the bottom of the 9th, Belt sliced a single into left-center to drive home the winning run.   It was Belt's first walk-off hit of his Major League career.

It won't be his last.

Here's rooting for one of the most talented...and nicest guys in baseball.