A few years ago, Brandon Belt was part of a Hudson Hornet team that went deep into the Class 3A baseball playoffs.  However, Belt was not able to come away with a state championship ring -- well, now he can wear a World Series Championship ring. 

Belt was part of a team that had a season-long and post-season run that was so magical and mystifying that one usually has to go to Disneyland to experience this.  Throughout the season the Giants lost one of their best hitters to a season ending suspension, the Giants won 3 straight on the road to defeat the Reds in the post-season, and then won 3 straight to come back from elimination against the Cardinals.  Then, San Francisco took four straight from the favored Detroit Tigers.

In the fourth and final game, Belt hit an RBI triple that plated Hunter Pence to get the scoring underway. The Gallery above features pictures from the World Series run and some pictures from a Brandon Belt 'pep rally' that took place at the Very Thing in Lufkin.