600 teams from the Southeast U.S. started on a quest to make the world finals robotics competition.  That was whittled down to 72 at the super-regional competition in San Antonio.  And now, out of that 600+ teams only 24 teams have earned the right to move onto the final stage...and the Huntington High School Gearheads are among them. 

Lance Hamilton, Aaron Loggins

Lance Hamilton and Aaron Loggins from the team stopped by the Merrell in the Morning Show to talk about their recent accomplishments.  You can check out the interview below and you can check out more about the Gearheads at their website or Facebook page, but suffice to say, East Texas should be very proud of this team of students and their teachers, sponsors, supporters, and parents. Not many students can design and build a robot that is able to be controlled to perform high level tasks.  And in the case of these students, they have excelled to being some of the best in the world.

The road to the world finals is not easy, and certainly not cheap.  The Gearheads will be having several fundraisers over the course of the next several weeks, so please support them in any way that you can.