Sean Carter had a 'decision' to make.  He was a 22 year old college student in 2005 when he decided to catch a ride home with someone who had been drinking more than he had. 

That decision led to an accident that left the football player and model with a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma for 39 days, took his ability to walk and silenced his voice.

Sean Carter had a 'decision' to make.

And this time, Sean made a decision that very few people on this planet could be strong enough, courageous enough, and loving enough to do.  With his mom, Jenny, at his side, Sean uses a computer as his voice as he continues to embark on a grueling, yet satisfying journey to tell others of the dangers not only of drunk driving, but of distracted driving as well.

Even though Sean is unable to walk, yet, and he doesn't possess the dexterity in his hands that he would like, there is no stopping him.  He is articulate, witty, and no one has a bigger smile than he does.  So many times, words of wisdom and caution can be lost in the process when it comes to our younger generation, however, when our teenagers can put a face and personality to the consequences of possible decisions, the message sticks.

Sean and his Mom started the non-profit organization, WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc., to raise money for traumatic brain injury research. Sean was also part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Faces of Drunk Driving Campaign. “When Sean Speaks – Alcohol, Automobiles and Asphalt Don’t Mix” is the multi-media message that he has delivered to many young people which included a recent visit to Hudson High School.

According to Crash Records Information Systems, in 2013, 48% of those killed in DUI-alcohol related crashes in Texas ranged in age from 17 to 34. In Angelina County in 2013, 99 alcohol-related crashes resulted in 24 serious injuries and three fatalities.

Sean is on a quest to help bring those numbers down. God bless Sean and his Mom for their sacrifices.  Please take a listen to our interview with Sean and Jenny from the Merrell in the Morning Show.