Hard to believe?

There's an advertising slogan that says 'What's in your wallet'...good thing it's not 'What's in your purse' because you may not want to know.  According to a report in the Daily Mail, the folks from Mentos Gum commissioned a study on what, on average, is found in ladies purses.  Plus, they wanted to know how clean or nasty the inside of most women's handbags were.

The results were quite disturbing.

According to this research, in a number of instances have found E coli, poisonous bacteria, and even traces of...er..fecal matter in the bottom of purses.  33% of women have never cleaned out their purse, plus some admit to storing used tissues and even dirty clothing, including underwear, into their totes.

A number of women also admitted to digging around for an unwrapped or partially wrapped gum or breath mint and placing that in their mouth when fresh breath was needed.  Food poisoning, pneumonia, and bacterial meningitis are just a few of the sicknesses that can come as a result.

So...you may want to reserve some time in the near future to clean out your purse and sanitize it in the process.