I'm not sure of the origin, but today is National Skinny Dipping Day.

So, the question that usually comes up is 'Have you ever been skinny dipping?'  My answer is 'yes...but not on purpose'.  Okay...so here's the story.

When I was much younger and living in the Austin area, I decided to take a drive to the West on Highway 71, up the lakes chain.  It was a beautiful day, so I took a side road towards Lake Travis with the intent on just taking a look at the beautiful scenery.

I parked my car about 150 yards from the water and walked over to the lake.  It was hot, the water was inviting, but I was wearing jeans...however, I remembered that I did have some swimming trunks in my car.

So, I got the trunks and walked over to a bathroom closer to the water...but the door was locked.

Dilemma - walk all the way back to my car to change clothes in the car and then walk all the way back, or, change quickly at the water's edge.  I mean, there was nobody around, and surely I would only be naked for no more than 10 seconds in making the quick change from jeans to trunks.

I must have done around 10 double takes looking around the bank, the shore,and back up towards the parking lot to make sure that nobody would see me in my birthday suit.  It seemed that no one was around for miles, so I started to shed my jeans.

Right about the time that my jeans were all the way off, was when I  realized that there was one direction that I hadn't looked...towards the water.  Sure enough, my peripheral vision caught sight of a boat pulling around a rocky bank into the inlet.

CRUD!!  Now what!!  And really??!!

This wasn't any boat...it was the Lake Travis Sheriff's Patrol Boat!

I panicked...and jumped into the water, forgetting my trunks on the bank, of course.  There I was, naked in the water with a man in uniform looking down at me from a patrol boat.  I tried to explain the situation and that I wasn't some sort of voyeur out for naked plunge in the water.  But,  he was the second coming of Buford T. Justice and I think he took pleasure in scolding me and telling me to get back to the shore and get my clothes back on.

So, now I had to get back out of the water with no clothes on and change into my trunks...of course, NOW a few other folks had gathered at the bank.

All I can say is thank goodness that smart phones with cameras weren't around back then.