'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' is being released today.  Jake Owen's latest album takes the same title as his most downloaded single of all-time (over 700,000 and still counting).

Take a listen to that song and 4 others from the new CD after the jump. 

First, here's the title cut from the CD - 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night'


'Anywhere With You' was co-written by David Lee Murphy ('Party Crowd')

Next, 'Keepin' It Country' applauds all those who embrace and continue to country lifestyle

'The Journey Of Your Life' is a story of the insight of a grandfather

And finally, 'Alone With You' is the tale of a man who wants more that one lady's casual affection...he wants her whole heart.


Would you like a chance to win Jake's new CD?  Just enter the bonus word 'Vern' in the bonus word section at KICKS VIP Rewards for your chance to win!! (By the way, Vern is the name of Jake's English Bulldog.)

And please let us know what you think about his new CD.