I went over to Banita Creek on Friday night expecting to see just another show, by just another band, just passing through on their way to the next gig. I was not at all expecting the hurricane that is Johnny Lee and his band, The Urban Cowboys, to roll through.Not only did these guys play a killer set, Johnny just would not stop cracking jokes with the folks in the crowd. He started up right after the first song finished, asking the folks on the dance floor if they'd had enough. When Johnny got a particularly energetic answer from a guy in the crowd, without a second's pause, he fired right back. "Sup dude, I talked to your Mama in the parking lot."

Of course, the music didn't suck either. We got great versions of Pickin' Up Strangers, Cherokee Fiddle, Hey Bartender, and Lookin' for Love. (Twice!)

I'm new to this part of the world and I'm new to this kind of music. Where I'm from, you're lucky if you get a dozen words out of the folks on stage during the whole night. If it's anything other than "Hey, we love you (insert city name here)!' you got a good show that night. If the guy on stage is up there talking about a pair of Siamese twins he knew that moved to England so the other one could drive, it would have blown my mind.

Johnny looked like he was having a good time, rivaled only by the great time all of us were having watching and listening to him. Were you there? Did you have a great time? Let us know in the comments!