In a recent interview with Men's Health and Fitness, Chesney revealed what he does to stay in shape.

In order to give his fans the best possible concert, Kenny Chesney spends countless hours in the gym pumpin' some iron. In just ten minutes, Chesney can do 300 push-ups! But he didn't achieve that on his own. In previous years, Chesney has hired a personal trainer to help keep him in the best possible shape.

At the age of 43, here is a quick overview of what the country star does to maintain his build.

There are other things to do, rather than be in the gym all day, and Chesney knows that. He doesn't lock himself inside the gym overnight to get his workout in. Personally, Chesney hates leg workout's. He said, "I’ve always hated it. I dread it. I’ll walk into the gym knowing I’ve got to do them, and I try to get in the right frame of mind. But even after all these years of working out, I still hate it."

Relieve stress during your workouts. One night before a performance at Lambeau field, Chesney needed to clear his head of the media and other personal issues. He did so by hitting the Packers gym, and pounded out a few miles on a treadmill.

Take a day off. Sunday is a day of rest, and also the day Chesney cheats on his diet. It's o.k. to allow yourself some guilty pleasure, if you have been working hard on your diet and workouts all week. On Sundays, Chesney says, "I eat whatever I want. If I want a chocolate-covered double cheeseburger, I’ll eat it."

That's just a brief overview of what Kenny does to stay fit. To see the workouts he does while on the road, click here.