By now, you may have heard the story of Nathan Blankenship, the school teacher who was kicked out of the Brothers of the Sun concert in Nashville because he looked too much like Kenny Chesney.

Well, let's sort through some of the facts and then you can decide whether you agree with the actions taken. 

  • This was about the 4th Kenny Chesney concert that Blankenship has attended in the past few months, for the most part, dressed similar to what Chesney would wear in concert.
  • Blankenship was posing for pictures in the audience.
  • In Nashville, he attended the concert by himself.
  • Blankenship was given no warning to return to his seat, he was escorted from the concert and told not to come back.
  • Promoters of the event viewed Blankenship as causing a distraction when others, such as Tim McGraw, were performing on stage.

Knowing these things and taken a look at the video and story from WKRN at this link, what is your opinion?