The KICKS 105 Big Buck Hunt isn't even a week-old yet, but there have already been quite a number of winners of 1,000 bucks!

That includes one of our most recent winners - Courtney Bearden of Timpson. 

She heard the cue to call just after 2:30 Monday afternoon and started dialing 1-877-854-9467, and just as she was about to give up (from hearing too many busy signals) the phone connection went through.  The next voice she heard gave her the great news that she was caller 25 and had won $1,000.

Would you like to join in the winning?

Just listen for the cue to call.  We'll play it twice every weekday in November and if you're caller 25 you'll have a thousand bucks coming your way.  Plus, KICKS VIP members have an added chance to win $10,000!

It's your chance to win from Dr Pepper 10 and Lufkin Coca Cola