When Volvo Trucks recently featured Jean-Claude Van Damme performing his "Epic Splits" between 2 moving trucks we were impressed... and inspired.

Here is the "somewhat impressive" version by Volvo Trucks featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, so you know what we're shooting for.

And now, meet Sean-Claude Van Damme.  He has over 20 years of prep time in the radio control room and and has honed his body to a razor sharp weapon.  He wakes up every morning, ready to attack the day. He doesn't just drive his car to the radio station, he commands it there.  Sean may not have appeared in many awesome action films like Bloodsport, Timecop, Kickboxer, or The Expendables 2,  but what he lacks in big screen-experience, he makes up for with enthusiasm.  This stunt was performed by untrained professionals on an open course.  Do not attempt. We now invite you to watch and be amazed.