Here's my surprised look...

According to sources at TMZ, celebrity trouble girl Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning for allegedly assaulting another woman at a New York City nightclub. 

Apparently, Lohan had a dispute with another patron who was sitting in a booth close to her.  The dispute led to an altercation which then led to a fight.  At last report, (5 a.m. Central), Lohan was still at a New York City police station.

Lohan could soon be back in a courtroom facing jail time for probation violation charges not only if this assault charge sticks, but also for a charge of lying to police involving a car accident in which Lohan originally told police she was not the driver.

Even if she is not to blame for the altercation, with a probation hanging over her head, why put yourself in a night club late night where the risk of bad things happening goes up?