The new Eli Young Band CD 'Life At Best' is released in stores and online today. The first single, 'Crazy Girl' is already a top 20 hit for the band...but what about the rest of the CD?

We have enlisted the help of Lacey Peebler, special music consultant from Hudson, and Kaitlin Harper, originally from Hudson but now a musical correspondent from Murfreesboro, TN (she is also the future wife of singer Hunter Hayes...don't tell him that, though)...their review of the CD follows the jump.  

Kaitlin and Lacey have been following the career of the Eli Young Band (in a non-stalking fashion) since 2008.  They saw their first EYB concert at the Sam Houston Race Park in July of 2009.

Of course, they love the first release from the CD - 'Crazy Girl', but what about their take of some of the other songs - there are a total of 14 cuts on the new CD.

Kaitlin - 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart' is one of my favorites from their new release. Will Hogue and Eric Paslay are the songwriters and I fell in love with Will's version some time ago.  I really like how the Eli Young Band kept their version honest to the original.  The message of the song is about continuing to follow your dreams even when it isn't the easiest thing to do.

Lacey - 'The Fight' is one of my favorites from the CD. What really touches about this song is the true life depictions and messages from this song.  You have to fight for what you want in life, and even if you don't get what you initially set out for, it's always been "Worth The Fight".