Last week we had a contest on KICKS 105's Merrell in the Morning Show for the chance to win Carmike Cinema tickets to see the new Disney movie, 'Frozen'.  The one stipulation was that the winners had to provide us reviews of the show, preferably from a kid's point of view.

Well, the critics have spoken, or written, and it looks like Disney has another blockbuster (surprised face). 

Our reviewers, Dylan - 14, Briley - 10, Brayden - 8, and Sean - 10, had this to say about the movie:

Dylan:  It is a fun, full of comedy epic, icy, and enjoyable movie.  My favorite part is when Anna's sister, Elsa, built the Ice Castle.  I thought the makers did a very good job on the music, graphics, and the storyline and comedy.

Briley:  'Frozen' was awesome.  My favorite part was the Ice Castle and my favorite characters are Olaf and Elsa.  It was a realistic place, and Olaf was so funny - I could not stop laughing.

Brayden:  My favorite part was the Ice Castle.  It I was explaining 'Frozen' in 3 words it would be action, comedy, and epic.  The characters looked real.

Sean:  It was the best and the snowman was so funny.  The graphics were the best and the snow golum? was cool when he changed and got beefed up.

Photo credit - J Williamson

A special thanks to our reviewers and the great job they did of writing these reports when they were out of school during the Thanksgiving holiday.