We had a special guest on the Merrell in the Morning show today...the beautiful, talented, and fresh-scented Kendall Jackson.

She is a 6th grader at Lufkin Middle School and she brought us donuts (although she did lick off all the sprinkles)!!!

Kendall's parents were the top bidders to host the morning show held at the recent Bayou Bash which benefits St. Cyprian's.  Some fun facts about Kendall follow the jump 

Fun facts about Kendall Jackson:

Favorite singers:  Taylor Swift, Zac Brown Band, Katy Perry

Best movies seen this year:  Smurfs, Soul Surfer, Rio

Boyfriend: Uh....no.

Favorite activities:  Dance (tap, ballet, clogging, jazz, pointe)

BFF's:  Julia Glass, Shelby Burklow, Lindsey Burklow, Blaire Kelley

Turnoffs:  Matthew (she just loves her brother...really), green beans, Longhorns

Favorite TV shows:  Good Luck Charlie, Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, America's Got Talent

Favorite Insurance Agent:  Jay Jackson