Have you downloaded the QuizUp app yet?  It's a modern day "Jeopardy-type" app that asks over 100,000 questions on hundreds of topics, and it has quickly become one of the most downloaded features on phones and tablets.

And we have a QuizUp world champion in East Texas!


Lufkin High School senior Cody Carter recently downloaded the app and his category choice was 'art'.. Two weeks and 81 levels later, Cody Carter is the world champion (2nd place is a man from Jamaica) in the category of art. The free app randomly chooses an opponent from anywhere in the world to compete on a certain topic. Cody said he is on the app about an hour a day and plays the game for fun.

Cody said, “ I was just looking for a new app to play and started playing art first.”

Watching Cody play the app is like watching a human machine. He answers the questions before most would have time to read the question. His total is 239,000 experience, which takes top place. The Art app asks questions on facts about the artists, names of artists, their paintings and works of art.

The reason Cody Carter is so interested in art revolves around the teachers who inspired him at Lufkin ISD.

“Lufkin GT (gifted and talented) English helped me a lot. Mr. Eubanks European History repeats art throughout the study. Of course, Mr. Mitchell who was my tutor was an influence. I never had the chance to have him as a teacher, but he was my tutor. I took many overseas trips to art museums with him. I also took the GT trip to New York.”

After much thought about which art museum was his favorite, Cody said the MET, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, because of the Grand Manner Portraiture but The Art Institute of Chicago and the Louvre in France are a tied second.

He said, “My appreciation for art began my freshman year with Mrs. Hillis. That’s when I learned to analyze paintings.”

Cody would like to attend the University of Chicago when he graduates in the spring and pursue a degree in English. Until then, he’ll continue to defend his world championship title in Art on QuizUp.