It seems that everyone these days has the ability to pull out their smartphone and video events around them at a moment's notice.  Over the past few years, a number of criminals have been caught red-handed because they didn't realize someone was filming close by. 

In 2009, a Lufkin man made world news when he was caught on video driving a million dollar vehicle into Galveston Bay.  Andy House at first told investigators that he lost control of his Bugatti when he was reaching for his cell phone.  The engine was left running when the car entered the 2-3 feet of salt water, this caused irreparable damage to the car's motor.  House allegedly tried to collect on a $2.2 million insurance policy.

Fast forward to today and it looks like House will be doing some prison time.  According to a report, House pleaded guilty to federal violations at the Eastern District of Texas of the United States Attorney's Office.    House could face up to 20 years in prison.

The original YouTube video of that crash into the bay is below. (NSFW - language)