A mother with five children in her car, believed to be intoxicated on the drug - PCP - was arrested in the lobby of the DPS office.  Drugs were also found in the possession of Laricia Antionette Young.  

Also on Tuesday, Paula Sue Grier of Lufkin was arrested FOR THE 15TH TIME THIS YEAR!  In fact, she had just gotten out of jail the day before.  And this isn't the first time this year that she has gone from free to locked up in back to back days.  Her arrests for 2012 include public intoxication, theft, and in the most recent arrest, trespassing at a local convenience store.

Tishannah L Ross, 30, and Brittany Slade, 19, were arrested for theft of items from the Family Dollar at 400 N. Timberland Drive.  Items taken included sunglasses, candle, clothing, and feminine hygiene products.