She was born on June 13th, 1909 and resided just northwest of Lufkin in the Clawson community.  Sadie Denton turned 105 on Friday and it seemed only appropriate that KICKS 105 attend her party in downtown Lufkin.  

The gathering included Mayor Bob Brown of Lufkin as well as many friends and relatives.  Ms Sadie is a resident at Grace Care Center and they organized this celebration as part as their ongoing Grace Field of Dreams. Ms Sadie stood as those in attendance sang 'Happy Birthday' and then she cut the first piece of cake, which, of course, was for herself.

How about some perspective of 105 years.  When Sadie Denton was born the population of Las Vegas was 30.  There was no such thing as a Mother's Day or Father's Day.  There were only 144 miles of paved roads in all of America and the top speed limit was 10 mph.  And, the average life expectancy for those born in America in 1909 was 47 years.

Check out the unedited video below for some of the celebration.