Morbid?  Sentimental? Disturbing? Sweet?

I'm not quite sure on this the background on this story and let me know what you think. 

Bart Jansen, a Dutch artist and inventor, was distraught when his cat, Orville,  died after being hit by a car.  He couldn't bear to say goodbye.  So he took the cat to a taxidermist so that he could always have a visual reminder of Orville.

But, Jansen took it one extra step...a strange one.

He said that his cat always had a fascination with birds, and he just knew that Orville would love to be able to fly.  So,  Jansen attached propellers to his cat and through remote control motors, he can make his cat fly.

Jansen views this as a lasting tribute to his cat.

After looking at the picture and video, what do you think?