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Bathtub Party Day
Colombian International Day of The Reef
International Ninja Day
International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development

 Celebrity Birthdays

1782 - Martin Van Buren - 8th U.S. President [1837-1841]; first to be born a U.S. citizen; married to Hannah Hoes [four sons]; nickname: The Little Magician; died July 24, 1862

1839 - General George Armstrong Custer - U.S. military officer; killed in battle at Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876

1870 - Bill Pickett - rodeo cowboy: first to bulldog - wrestle a running steer to the ground; died Apr 2, 1932

1894 - Phillip K. Wrigley - corporate executive: Wrigley Gum; died Apr 12, 1977

1901 - Walt (Walter Elias) Disney - cartoonist: 1st color-animated cartoon: Steamboat Willie; creator of: Mickey Mouse, Disneyland; Emmy Award-winning producer: Disneyland film series [1955], Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color[1962-1963]; died Dec 15, 1966

1922 - Don Robertson (91) - Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Famer: I Really Don’t Want to Know, I Don’t Hurt Anymore, Please Help Me I’m Fallin’, I Love You More and More Each Day; whistler: The Happy Whistler

1932 - ‘Little’ Richard (Pennimann) (81) - singer: Good Golly Miss Molly, Tutti Frutti, Slippin’ and Slidin’, Long Tall Sally, Rip It Up, Ready Teddy, The Girl Can’t Help It, Lucille, Keep a Knockin’; preacher

1963 - Ty England (50) born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A guitarist with Garth Brooks during the superstar's peak years, England leaves the band in 1994 to pursue a solo career, scoring the following year with "Should've Asked Her Faster"

1967 - Gary Allan (Herzberg) (46) born in Montebello, California. Under the stage name Gary Allan, the scratchy-voiced singer debuts in 1996, lanching a string of hits that includes "Smoke Rings In The Dark," "Watching Airplanes" and "Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)"

Tabloid News

5 Cents of Electricity Lands A Man In Jail

One Saturday in November, Kaveh Kamooneh drove his Nissan Leaf to Chamblee Middle School in Georgia, where his 11-year-old son took was playing tennis.

Kamooneh had taken the liberty of charging the electric car with an exterior outlet at the school. Within minutes of plugging in the car, he says a Chamblee police officer appeared.

"He said that he was going to charge me with theft by taking because I was taking power, electricity from the school," Kamooneh said. Kamooneh says he had charged his car for twenty minutes, drawing about a nickel's worth of juice. Don Francis of Clean Cities Atlanta, an electric vehicle advocacy group, says the estimate of five cents is accurate.

"I'm not sure how much electricity he stole," said Chamblee police Sergeant Ernesto Ford, but he added: It doesn't matter. "He broke the law. He stole something that wasn't his."

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