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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
League of Nations Day

 Celebrity Birthdays

1904 - Ray Bolger (Raymond Wallace Bulcao) - dancer, actor: The Wizard of Oz; died Jan 15, 1987

1945 - Rod Stewart [69] - singer, musician: Maggie May, Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?; [see Rod the Mod Day - above]

1948 - Donald Fagen [66] - musician: keyboard: group: Steely Dan: LPs: Countdown to Ecstacy, Pretzel Logic, Katy Lied, The Royal Scam, Aja, Gaucho

1949 - George Foreman [65] - boxer: oldest heavyweight champion at age 45 [Nov 5, 1994]; commercial pitchman

1953 - Pat Benatar [61] - Grammy award-winning singer: Crimes of Passion [1980], and Fire and Ice [1981], Hit Me with Your Best Shot

[66th anniversary] Loretta Webb marries Oliver "Mooney" Lynn in Butcher Holler, Kentucky, officially becoming Loretta Lynn. He gives her her first guitar, becomes her first manager, and inspires many of her feisty domestic songs

Tabloid News

Don't Bug Me...and Get Out of My Ear!


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Mr Hendrik Helmer, from the Darwin, Australia says his ordeal began early on Wednesday morning when he was woken up about 2.30am with a sharp pain in his right ear. He immediately thought some type of insect may have crawled inside while he slept. 

After using a vacuum cleaner to try to suck it out, and squirting water from a tap down his ear to flush it out, he apparently angered the insect. 

As the pain increased, Mr Helmer, who works as a supervisor at a warehouse, roused his flatmate to take him to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where he was quickly ushered through to see a doctor.

Mr Helmer says the doctor put olive oil down the ear canal, which forced the still-unidentified insect to crawl in deeper.

Eventually, it began to die.

At that point the doctor put forceps into his ear and pulled out the cockroach, which measured about two centimetres long.

"They said they had never pulled an insect this large out of someone's ear."

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