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Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
Domino Day
National Parents As Teachers Day
National Walk To Work Day
X-ray Day

 Celebrity Birthdays

1847 - Bram (Abraham) Stoker - author: Dracula; died Apr 20, 1912

1900 - Margaret Mitchell - Pulitzer Prize-winning author: Gone with the Wind [1937]; died Aug 16, 1949

1931 - Morley Safer (82) - TV correspondent: CBS News: 60 Minutes

1949 - Bonnie Raitt (64) - Grammy Award-winning singer [1990]: Runaway, The Boy Can’t Help It, Something to Talk About, Sweet Forgiveness; actress: Urban Cowboy; musician: guitar; daughter of actor, John Raitt

1975 - Tara Reid(38) - actress: The Big Lebowski, American Pie series, Body Shots, Dr. T & the Women, Josie and the Pussycats

1977 - Bucky Covington (36) born in Rockingham, North Carolina. After competing on "American Idol," he picks up a recording contract with Disney's Lyric Street Records, earning a hit with his first single, 2007's "A Different World"

1994 - Lauren Alaina Sudderth (19) born in Rossville, Georgia. After finishing as the runner-up in the 2011 edition of "American Idol," she hits #2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart with her debut, "Wildflower"

Tabloid News

Burglars Invade Home of Competitive Axe Thrower - Oops

Hemet California - woman who awoke to find a burglar at her bedside Saturday turned the tables on the intruder by brandishing an ax.

Robyn Irvine said she was asleep in bed with her cat when she heard a clicking sound and awoke to feel a stranger trying to remove the watch from her wrist.

“He was kneeled down right here face-to-face with me,” Irvine said. – Breaking and entering is a bad idea.  Choosing the home of a former ax-throwing competitor, worse.  She grabbed the weapon she keeps by her side at all times.  “He froze at first. I shocked him with my voice and then he took off. There was no way I could’ve caught him but I could’ve thrown it,” said Irvine, adding that she could have paralyzed the suspect by striking him in the spine.

Hemet police arrested 22-year-old Nicholas Uolla on suspicion of burglary and said they found several items in his possession belonging to Irvine.

She has since boarded up her front door and warns burglars that next time could be their last.

“If you’re in my house, you’re not walking out,” she said.

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