There's winning and then there's dominating.

The Nacogdoches 8 and under Dixie Youth Baseball Coach Pitch All-Stars have been dominating, and even that's an understatement. 

They have played 14 games on their way to becoming the state champs, and they have won all 14 by a combined score of 199-12.  But, these young men are determined to accomplish their ultimate goal.

This morning (Thursday) players, coaches, and fans will be leaving for the World Series in Texarkana, Arkansas. Our Texas champions will play two games on Friday, the first against Louisiana and the second against Tennessee.  Saturday, Texas plays North Carolina, Mississippi, and the host team from Arkansas.  That will conclude pool play, the top four teams will then advance to Sunday's double elimination bracket and a chance to win the first ever held Dixie Youth Baseball Coach Pitch World Series.

Mitch Ashley along with some of the players were kind enough to visit the Merrell in the Morning Show.  Pictured from left to right are Brayden Davidson, Parker Perry, Huston Dial, Mitchell Ashley, and Austin Dearbonne.  Listen to the interview below.

The coaches and players would like for everyone to have a chance to cheer them on during the games.  The games will be broadcast live on every day. There will also be a link on the Texarkana Arkansas Baseball Association website to watch all the games.

Player Roster:

Andy Melton (P), Drew Dora (C), Brayden Davidson (1st), Luke Taylor (2nd) Bryce Payne (SS) Cermodrick Bland (3B) Austin Dearbonne (RF), Huston Dial (RC) Mikial Lockett (CF) Mitchell Ashley (CF) Jackson Glymph (LC) Parker Perry (LF)

Coaching Staff:

Brian Payne, Michael Davidson, Cory Bland, Clint Taylor