According to a study published by online real estate experts Movoto, Nacogdoches just barely missed a spot in the top ten. But in a list of 242 places across the whole state, we'll take it!

The folks at Movoto took a look at a whole bunch of different things to make their list - everything from the tax rate in each city or town, average commute to work, unemployment, cost of living, weather, and more - and out of the nearly 250 places that made the list, Nac finished in 12th!

Taking a closer look at some of the categories that got Nacogdoches to its 12th place finish overall, we can see that folks who live in Nac have the second best quality of life (including home prices, household income, student-to-teacher ratio in schools, and more), sixth best commute time, and 11th best weather in the whole state.

We live in a huge state, with thousands of towns and cities. There are all kinds of different places to make a home in, but if you live in Nacogdoches, congrats! You picked one of the best!

Is your hometown on the list?