Why does it have to be so difficult to let someone know that you find him or her attractive.  Well, now you can forget the small talk and let your tail do the talking, or shall we say do the wagging.  Yes...dogs have it easy.  Since they wear their emotions on their tail it's easy to know when a pooch is excited about another dog, food, car rides, or even its own tail.  And now we humans can have it that way, too.

A Japanese businessman has introduced the 'Tailly'.  It's a furry, full-length tail that wags when you get excited.  The Tailly is strapped on around your waist and there are sensors which pay attention to your pulse and heart rate.  The faster those go, the faster the tail wags.

This is pretty cool idea until you start to realize that there are many other emotions that cause your heart rate and pulse to increase - fear, anger, embarrassment just to name a few.  But, who cares why the tail is wagging...isn't it cool enough that you'll have a tail that wags?!