We didn't get much work done around the studios Thursday afternoon.  That's because most of the KICKS 105 air staff were checking out a cool new DJ app.

Actually, it's not really a 'new' app, but it is upgraded.  It's called Djay 2...and it's FREE!

Granted, there are quite a few DJ-type apps that are popping up for smart phones and tablets, but this one features quite a few bells and whistles...literally.  Part of the numerous mixing sound effects include those sounds and many others.  You also get the dual turntables along with other features like beat mixing, equalizer, and much more.

But, the coolest feature, in my opinion, is the upgrade to use your Spotify account.  I have the premium version of Spotify which allows me access to basically hundreds of thousands of songs, which I can then play on this app. Besides the speakers and amps, this is really all you need to DJ any party.

The biggest test as to whether or not this is a really neat app was passed when my teenage son immediately downloaded it to his phone.

So...what's your opinion of the DJay 2 app?